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Welcome to FrF!
Hello and welcome to the official Five Red Fingers Guild Website! We will be using the forums as the point of contact for everything guild and game related.  Check in often!

Membership Checklist:

(1) When you sign up be sure to do so with your characters name used in game.
• Note: Once you are in update your profile immediately to include your Class, Level, and Spec by clicking on the Roster Button and adding or editing your current character (include your alts)!  This is crucial as it will help us to recruit new members in the future that can complement our Ops rosters.
(2) Download Mumble for fast & easy in game voice chatting! We are very active in mumble and it is a crucial aspect of our guild operations. Not to mention the entertainment factor of all our lively drunks.
(3) Sign up for guild events! The events will be displayed on the calendar widget above. To sign up just click on the event you wish to join and follow the red brick road.  If you do not sign up for our groups and are upset because you didn't make it into a core run it's your own fault!  *Disclaimer: Signing up does not guarantee you a spot, but it certainly helps us to accommodate you. 

• Note: If you want to do your own event recruiting (FP's, HM's, Datacron Hunting etc.) be sure to notify us by scheduling it on the calendar or asking someone to do it for you.

• Last Note:  If you have an alt that you don't feel has been registered with a guild officer be sure to let one know as we add notes to ensure your alts are not removed or demoted due to inactivity.
Guild News
Registering for Events
By Parsnipsberippin, Apr 17, 12 6:22 AM

I realize that it is preaching to the choir at this point, regardless, after the 4/17 raid, members will not be considered for any given run without signing up for the event on the raid calender prior to the event to preserve leader sanity. 



Primary and secondary raid groups.
By pfistergood, Apr 11, 12 2:52 PM

So if your were in mumble last night during the raid start up Parsnips and I announced that we are splitting our raid groups into one pre-made group ( alpha ) and a secondary group to help with getting the gear to run the OPS. I know that this can be frustrating because most of our members have the ... Read More

Primary and Backup Mumbles Servers Back Online
By Psyton, Apr 9, 12 2:46 PM

So here's the scoop... We had power outages in our data center and the primary mumble server was considered by the Network Operations Center to be non-essential.  So they shut it down to conserve power.  Then I was able to set up the backup mumble server on another system in a different lo... Read More

New Raid leader
By pfistergood, Apr 1, 12 1:09 AM

Hey all!!! we have a new Raid leader " PARSNIPS" !!!! wooo!!! Please blindy follow his word! 



Grats to all on our first 16man EV-NM!
By Psyton, Mar 24, 12 8:40 PM

Had a great run.  Seemed the adds were harder than the damn bosses.  We had pugged maybe 8 players due to the odd time slot but nevertheless got it done and smashed through like nobodies business.  FrF style!  Deus actually got an upgraded belt the poor bastard!

Grats to ... Read More

Welcome Dreadbellion!
By Psyton, Mar 24, 12 2:55 PM

I would like to formally welcome our new members from <Dreadbellion>!  You all sound like a wonderful group of people quite like us in terms of attitude and a tight nit member base. 

To those of you who don't know what is going on, I have been trying to recruit people for aw... Read More

Pfister's Vacation
By pfistergood, Mar 14, 12 3:43 PM

Hi all!!

THe new ipad is launching on the 16th and the company i work for takes it kinda seriously. I wont be on on the 16th and after that i am rocking to the motherland for a week ( las vegas) You may not see me on for 1 week to 2 weeks - I will add raid events onto the calendar&n... Read More

FRF Normal Mode OP Domination!!!
By pfistergood, Mar 12, 12 7:02 PM

Hey all!!!

So the last few days we have murdered the normal mode ops. On saturday we ran Normal mode EV because a high amount of our endgame raiders could not make it. So on that night we 7 maned it with one pug. This is huge!!!! The fact that we had the power/skill/communication to... Read More

By pfistergood, Mar 12, 12 4:26 PM

Hey all, we had to change up the schedule a bit this weekend. We pushed the EV HM raid to monday (tonight) to suit the most people. Im sorry we had to call this "audible" but i can confirm we are running EV HM tonight. We also will be able to finish KP NM tonight also. I'll post more news very soon ... Read More

Member recognition!
By pfistergood, Mar 9, 12 2:33 PM

Hey all!!

I just wanted to take a moment and recognize a few of our amazing members. Our guild would not be what it is with out these members. They have been a resource for our new members. They has been on the front lines of our raids. They have gone out and shown the world who Fiv... Read More

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